Now We’re Cooking! – Savor the Flavor of Teamwork

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and then I understand.” – Confuscious –


Does your company have an appetite for success? Are you looking for a unique way to bond your people and enhance their skills in collaboration and project achievement? Cooking is all inclusive and the kitchen environment is a microcosm of the business world with decision making, deadlines, interdependence all leading to a positive customer presentation and experience. Cooking is a fantastic way to build unity and breakdown barriers while focusing on the interactions which lead to a happier and more productive team members in the workplace. There is something innately powerful about “breaking bread” and having a conversation around a dinner table. Food brings people together, that’s true in every culture. We will customize any of our programs to fit your needs and to align with your team objectives. Our 3-4 hr. Now We’re Cookingworkshop has 7 main courses: Team Challenge Teams compete against the clock and each other to produce a “5 Star” dining experience. Master Chef Demonstration You pick the meal, our chef instructs and guides the team – and everyone enjoys the results. (home made pasta or mozzarella cheese for example) Feed the Hungry Your team will meal plan, shop, prepare, cook and clean up a meal for the less fortunate among us. Feel the Heat, Chili Challenge Will your team decide to “tingle or torch” the panel of judges?! Healthy Cooking = Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness begins with what you put in your mouth! Your team will learn the “Ingredients of Vitality™” and discover how delicious they are. Slice of the Good Life, Pizza Challenge Unleash your teams creativity with this “specialty” pizza experience. Simple and delicious! Breakfast of Champions “Early Birds get the Eggs and Bacon!” Rise & Shine for a traditional or healthy-start breakfast with your team. Now We’re Cooking provides the foundation for increasing professional & personal performance, so that your team can produce outstanding results. Understand the proper ingredients of teamwork – Season the experience with laughter – Deepen their appreciation for each other – Instantly be rewarded by the fruits of their labor – Enjoy a delicious & satisfying meal together

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Now We’re Cooking