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Learn how to create “Ultra Fitness” for yourself

I just spent a very interesting night on Wednesday in NYC. I went to see an longtime friend speak, Stu Mittleman. Stu is an American/World Record holder in the mind-blowing sport of Ultra Distance running! You might be asking what is Ultra Distance running, because it’s only now getting some attention in this country – Stu was way ahead of his time. Simply, it’s running a ridiculous distance in over an equally ridiculous amount time. For example, from 1982 – 1986, Stu set five National records, most notably American records for the 100-Mile Run (12 hours 56 min), and the Six-Day Race (578 miles). In 1983, Stu successfully competed in the IronMan (Hawaii) World Triathlon Championships (73rd out of 1000) and the UltraMan (Double IronMan) World Triathlon Championships (2nd Place) in 1983. Stu’s career reached a peak in 1986 when he shattered the World Record in the 1,000 Mile-Run during the World-Championships in Queens, NY. Stu’s 11 day 20 hour performance broke the previous record by over 16 hours! Then to celebrate his 50th birthday and to promote awareness for the importance of the fitness and health of America’s children… he ran from San Diego to New York City – a 3,000-mile journey! He finished in a remarkable 56 days! That’s more than two marathons a day for 56 consecutive days! Now that you know what ULTRA means, you might be asking, “Why go see him speak”. Well, it wasn’t to hear him relive his astonishing career (he’s quite a humble guy and his stories are amazing) it was to learn his secrets – specifically, how do you have that level of sustained energy under such an incredible demand? Most people I know, have a hard time staying awake sitting at their desk after lunch! Is that you? Not enough juice in you to run one mile let alone 50+ miles a day? I thought I had energy but I wanted to learn – how and with what, Stu fuels his body. Guess what, most of you will be shocked – its not with your beloved coffee. I have the privilege today to work with the top performers in some of the worlds best companies. These are driven men and women, highly educated and very committed. They typically not only have big jobs with big responsibilities, travel and stress but also big lives outside of work. They have families, coach their childrens teams, serve on various boards and on and on. They too run a “marathon” everyday, but without the knowledge and science behind the performance of a guy like Stu. See, Stu is just not a runner he holds degrees in Sociology, Sports Psychology, and Exercise Physiology. He understands at a cellular level what it takes to “go the distance” without burning yourself out. As a “coach” to top business performers, and being a pretty curious guy, I want that kind of energy for myself. I sought to learn what he knows so I could apply it in my own life and teach it authentically to my clients. What I learned, was common sense, backed by validated science and things ANYONE can apply. The processional effects of a shift on how we approach our physical fitness are astounding. Not only will you have more energy and think clearer, you’ll enjoy life more fully. Odds are, you’ll live longer too. Ultimately, increased energy will naturally enhance all areas of your life. Would you like to learn more? Stay tuned – I’m exhausted!