“Knowing is not enough; We must apply.

Willing is not enough we must do.”

– Johann Goethe –

Experience: We have over 20 years experience in designing and facilitating unique corporate learning and development programs. Your group will be skillfully lead by our facilitators with the right mix of framing, debriefing, and coaching to accelerate individual and team performance.

Programs: All programs are customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Throughout each program, your group will examine communication patterns, leadership styles, problem solving and decision-making methods. Based on the group’s outcome, target-focused debriefing sessions are woven into the program to ensure participants translate the experience back to the workplace.

Organizational Teams and How They Benefit: Sales, Customer Service, Product/Project Development, Process Improvement and Management teams experience an increase in productivity, initiative, cooperation and improved communication. All members of a team, group or organization benefit from experiential programs.

Our Approach: It’s all about engagement.

Tailored to each clients specific needs
Tied to real world business objectives
Experiential – participants engaged, physically, mentally and emotionally
Results driven focus

Areas of Focus: Leadership, Teambuilding, Sales, Communication, Innovative Problem Solving, Customer Service, Project Management, Goal Setting.

The Magic of Experiential Learning:

Experiential learning creates a kinesthetic imprint of cognitive principles. What is learned intellectually is integrated through program specific challenges.

Challenges are elected, adapted and designed to parallel specific day-to-day business objectives. This affords easy translation of the insights gained and their practical application back to the work environment.

Bringing a group together in an unfamiliar setting and challenging them with unusual tasks helps unfreeze entrenched behavioral patterns. By creating a common ground, flexibility is re-established and new behaviors can be adopted.


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