“Knowing is not enough; We must apply.

Willing is not enough we must do.”

– Johann Goethe –

For 25 years, L.E.A.D. USA has delivered highly innovative corporate learning and development programs proven to drive business growth by maximizing the true potential of a company’s most important asset – their people. Our focus is on leadership development, high performance team building and sales effectiveness and we have the experience, expertise and strategies to deliver lasting change. Your organization will enjoy the benefits of creating a competitive advantage that sustains long after our programs end.

In order to stay ahead in today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to ask yourself these key questions:

Do you have what you need to significantly grow your business?
Do your people have the leadership skills necessary to succeed?
Are your people engaged and inspired to deliver maximum results?
Have your people “bought in” to the company’s direction?

When you grow your people, you grow your business.

What makes our approach so unique? We don’t believe in the “cookie cutter” approach to professional
development. Each business is unique, and we work closely with our partners to create programs that meet their
individual needs, extend their corporate values, and deliver the specific business results they seek. Our customized
approach ensures you get the most out of each and every program.

In order to do this, we focus on creating performance programs that you and your employees won’t soon forget.
The quickest, most powerful, and cost-effective way to develop leadership and teamwork within an organization is
with experiential training programs. Through active participation and skill learning in a “hands-on” environment,
L.E.A.D. can effectively accomplish this in a short period of time which could take a year or more with other traditional training programs.