Leadership – The Art & Science

“The test of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but elicit it,

for the greatness is already there.”

– James Buchanan –

Leadership – The Art & Science

As companies move toward self-directed, team-oriented organizations, the demand for leaders increases across the organization.  To remain competitive, leadership development is essential. Leaders have the ability to define the future by their vision.  By powerfully communicating that vision, they create certainty in their people.

The Art & Science of Leadership is a high energy, dynamic workshop focused on defining and implementing effective leadership skills.  Participants will explore and develop their own leadership style while experiencing both leading and being lead through a series of challenges.  Individuals learn and apply these key leadership practices:

Character – The foundation of leadership
Communicate a compelling vision
Lead by example – Modeling the way
Know your people
Decisiveness is power
Challenge yourself/challenge the process