Sailing to Success

“The wind blows the same on all of us, it is the set of the sail that is important.”

– Jim Rohn –

Sailing to Success

The business environment today is one of dynamic change.  The “wind” may rarely be at your back.  As an organization, how do you keep from being “blown off course”, how do you gain momentum towards your goals?
In sailing or business, the right mix of risk-taking, prudence, problem solving, persistence, courage, confidence and camaraderie is essential. Sailing a 91-foot gaff-rigged schooner through the waters of Long Island Sound provides an unparalleled opportunity for groups to develop the skills critical for success.  Your team will become the crew as they work together to chart the course, hoist the massive sails, tack and jibe to their objectives. During this exhilarating experience your team will navigate its way to new levels of confidence, trust, self-esteem and problem solving while having fun and developing a winning spirit with their fellow crew members. To ensure that every group’s experience is a success, a fully certified skipper working in tandem with highly skilled facilitators will guide the schooner experience.


New Haven, CT
Stamford, CT
New York, NY
Newport, RI
San Francisco Bay, CA
San Diego, CA