Client Feedback

Rich is a compelling speaker and leadership coach who engaged several hundred executives throughout our leadership session. He’s smart, funny and compelling but most importantly he pushed everyone to take a step forward in their own leadership journey. Every attendee left the session having achieved so much more thanks to Rich. He is one of the very best. eBay Enterprise President King of Prussia, PA

  Rich does some of the most innovative work in experiential leadership and team development that exists. He is a collaborative partner and you can count on 100% follow through. I highly recommend Rich for your organizational and team development work. The results will surpass your expectations. PayPal Director, Learning & Organization Development San Jose, CA

  Rich brings a very unique approach to development that absolutely sets the tone for a team building or development program. He is passionate, personable and establishes a lexicon for no limits thinking that lives well beyond the event. I cannot more emphatically recommend Rich. Gartner Senior Vice President, Human Resources Stamford, CT

  We recently hired Rich to lead an offsite teambuilding. He exceeded our expectation in all aspects; his energy, content and preparedness were terrific. He had a tremendous impact on our team and we are looking for our next opportunity to bring Rich back to GE. I would highly recommend him as a creative, different and impactful experience for your corporate event. GE Consumer Finance Director Human Resources Stamford, CT

  Our team just conducted a L.E.A.D team building exercise, and the feedback has been tremendous. Several members of my team commented that it was the most impactful and meaningful team building activity they have ever done. We were not only able to work as a team, emphasize critical leadership principles, but also gave us the opportunity to understand our customer in a very touching and emotional way that really drove home what our work is all about. Pfizer VP Worldwide Innovation New York, NY

  We engaged L.E.A.D. to carry out a training seminar at our UK headquarters. The training which culminated in the enjoyable breaking through the board activity was a huge success. Subsequently we have seen our team respond with more confidence, enthusiasm and self assurance in their everyday approach to work. It is clear that Rich Kueppers training has had a profound and positive impact on all of the team and we would certainly engage him again in the future. Sequel AG Chief Operating Officer Zug, Switzerland

  Working with L.E.A.D is an experience – not an event. The results are always nothing short of amazing. The learning that Rich facilitates is not fixed to a time and place – there are fundamental, paradigm-shifting messages that he gets across in the most memorable ways. I have participated in a lot of training in my career – and generally the value lasts about as long as the session. That is not the case in my work with Rich. I think about what we experienced with L.E.A.D on a very regular basis. It informs me professionally and personally. I often refer to these experiences with others in my professional and personal circles – even at home. When I brought Rich in to work with my client, I didn’t expect to have it change my outlook – or my life – but it did. There are very few professionals out there who I would recommend as being able to deliver such a positive and lasting impact on an organization and on the people who make up that organization. If you have a group that needs to think outside of the box, get motivate, come together or effectively deal with change – you would benefit tremendously from exploring L.E.A.D.’s services and see how they can help you to achieve these objectives. I have no doubt that they can – and will enrich your group in ways you would have never imagined. ICG Commerce Vice President, Human Capital Management King of Prussia, PA

  My senior leader client wanted to breakdown some of the barriers and silos that hampered his team of vice president’s from working together rapidly and collaboratively. We didn’t want a weak, boring lecture. Rich Kuepper did a masterful job of discerning their needs, and designed and facilitated a set of experiential activities that broke through those barriers. He has high-level energy which energizes others, and equally important, helps his leader-participants make the right connections about engaging leadership practices, breakthrough thinking and finding the strength within themselves to push beyond what they thought they could do. He received rave reviews from the team. A great partner in leadership development and team-building facilitation, Rich is a top-notch professional that was asked by one of those leaders to help her own senior manager team in overcoming their challenges. Bayer HealthCare, North America Director, Organizational & Leadership Development West Haven, CT

  Rich is a terrific partner to work with as a business consultant. His active listening skills and depth of knowledge in working with large groups enabled him to create a stellar program for us at GE Money. We wanted to focus on team building and community service but in a way that built upon our business values and our business model so they would learn more about operating in a GE world. Rich was able to think outside the box on what could have been a standard community service event/team building exercise and truly made it best-in-class. It was an amazing day for the kids, a huge learning experience for my new hires and left us all feeling strongly connected as a group. GE Money Commercial Operations Leader Stamford, CT

  I had the pleasure of working with Rich on a customized dynamic team building workshop. Rich did an outstanding job in customizing and facilitating the event to our needs. Throughout the event he applied his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm which made the workshop a huge success! STIHL Manager Polymer Technologies Virginia Beach, VA

  The program was a huge success. My goals for the session were (1) help the team understand how to set sales goals, and (2) how to overcome obstacles (real and perceived) when trying to reach those goals. L.E.A.D. met both of those objectives and it was particular refreshing the way Rich tied our business needs back to the activities throughout the entire session. It is evident that it impacted their day-to-day work. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Sales Manager, Major and National Account North Haven, CT

  L.E.A.D. provided us with a unique and stimulating team building experience. Rich Kuepper was able to work closely with our management team to customize a detailed outline that fit our training goals. The result was invigorating for all of our attendees and created a value-added program. DHL Global Forwarding Director Training & Development Darien, CT

  I’ve used Rich for two separate events at two different companies. He is able to customize a very energetic and dynamic teambuilding exercise that is custom-tailored to your message and event. I’ve hired him before (twice), and I’d hire him again. SEKO Logistics Vice President, Marketing Itasca, IL

  Rich and his team did a wonderful job organizing and executing on a team building event for Regeneron’s finance team. The event was a tremendous success. I strongly encourage others to connect with Rich and learn more about the great programs he can provide. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Director, Alliance Finance Tarrytown, NY

  I have worked with Rich for a couple of years now discussing various training opportunities for him with us at SBC. Overall, he is a pleasure to do business with and his passion to train and enthusiasm displayed in the classroom are quite impressive. Most recently, he did a diversity session for us for some of the senior leaders here in Connecticut. One comment written on an evaluation articulated the impact of his training: “We need more than just an education on diversity. We need to be inspired to actually change. That’s exactly what Rich Kuepper did for me.” SBC Lead Training Manager/Instructor New Haven, CT

  I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the program you put together for our sales and marketing team. I was completely amazed by your ability to connect with the individuals in our group and make such a lasting impression. You cold see the team joining together with interesting ideas and new options, something that I had not seen in the past. What a wonderful day and one that I know we will benefit from in many ways for a very long time. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again with both this team as well as others within our organization. I am delighted to have L.E.A.D. as a partner helping us to continue to move this company forward. R.C. BIGELOW Inc. Executive Vice President/COO Fairfield, CT

  Thank you for the recent leadership program you delivered to the Bayer National Sales Training department. The trainers in my department are all management development candidates. They found the “Breakthrough to High Achievement” theme very inspirational. The content of the program was very applicable to their daily responsibilities. Your energy as a facilitator was key in keeping my group motivated and engaged during the activities. Your program is one that my trainers will definitely remember and it will add value to their continuing career development. Bayer HealthCare Director, National Sales Training and Development West Haven,CT

  I wanted to thank you again for the great job you and your staff did for our offsite! Word spread quickly through Anthem, and I am getting many inquiries on how to contact you for future events. As you know, our area just went through a reorganization that was at times difficult. The team building activities you presented to us were not only fun, but got the bigger team message across in a non-threatening, enjoyable manner. It was great to see our director enjoying the activities with folks he may not have had the opportunity to chat with in a normal day. On a personal note, you were great to work with – I truly felt that the day was in good hands. Thanks again for everything! Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Senior Marketing Coordinator, Commercial Accounts North Haven, CT

  L.E.A.D. is a first class act! Rich Kuepper is one of the few consultants who really takes seriously “exceeding customer expectations”. We contracted Rich and his colleagues to deliver the “Sailing to Success” program, but with an exception. We wanted to totally customize the program to compliment the theme and integrate the objectives of our weeklong session. And without hesitation he partnered with us to create a first class, out of the proverbial box experience. Thanks to his dogged attention to detail what could have easily backfired, turned out to be an unforgettable experience for our group of global managers. I unreservedly recommend L.E.A.D. and Rich Kuepper. Praxair, Inc. Director of Leadership Development Danbury, CT

  Rich has done a terrific job in designing and delivering training for our employees. He is exceptionally creative and is an upbeat facilitator. Our team found Rich to be a fantastic trainer/coach and the experience will stay with them for a long time to come! BIC Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and Development Shelton, CT

  Just a quick note to say thanks for the great job you did at our recent National Company Meeting. As you know, our meeting theme was “Breakthrough Thinking.” A key objective was to inspire different thinking and new ideas. One of the requirements for your participation at this meeting was to “tie in” to the theme and the objectives. You more than exceeded my expectations with the experiential activities and motivational speaking you delivered. Meeting participants will be talking about “breaking boards” for a long time! Thank you for actively listening, and for adding a unique and fun element to our meeting. Beiersdorf, Inc Manager, Education & Development Wilton, CT

  I trust all is well as you are continuing to help Leadership teams experience breakthrough results. We earned a 25% growth in Operating profit last year and will exceed 50% OP growth this year. We are an excellent testimony for your firm on what break through thinking combined with hard work can accomplish. Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. Global Vice President, Human Resources Indianapolis, IN

  Our organization was implementing a company-wide customer service initiative. We realized we needed to obtain the support and commitment of employees and concluded that we needed a training strategy in order for this initiative to be successful. Rich worked with us and tailored a program based on what we wanted to accomplish. The training made a huge impact and gave employees and managers a frame of reference. The act of bringing the lessons to life through exercises and employee involvement is the difference between a successful initiative and just another management “fad”. We held the training at our headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, then our West Coast operations in Phoenix, Arizona and early next year our Maryland distribution center will receive the same program. We look forward to our continued working relationship with Rich Kuepper and L.E.A.D. HEAD USA Human Resources Administrator Norwalk, CT

  I just wanted to thank you for helping to put together and facilitating the first day of the fantastic offsite meeting we had with my staff. The topic that was selected and presentations were first rate and the excitement you helped to generate within the team for the day was just astounding. SARGENT Manufacturing President New Haven, CT

  The experiential training was highly successful. It achieved our goals as a group and tied our own company and departmental objectives into the activities of the day. It definitely made the difference in building trust and confidence in our team. The improved communication and team spirit has stayed with us since we returned to our Comcast life. I would absolutely recommend L.E.A.D. to lead you through your next challenge. Comcast Cable Director Human Resources New Haven, CT

  “People’s Bank was very pleased with the team building program designed and instructed by Rich Kuepper and his associates. We found L.E.A.D. to be extraordinarily responsive and sensitive to our particular program needs, and diligent in their desire to satisfy our specific objectives”. Peoples United Bank Senior Vice President Bridgeport, CT

  Proton Energy Systems was extremely pleased with the teambuilding training at L.E.A.D. This training provided a valuable forum and opportunity for many of our new leaders to come together in a collaborative non-threatening way and learn about each other as well as themselves. The methods and techniques used by Rich and his associates were perfectly suited to meet our programs needs. We look forward to working with L.E.A.D in the future. Proton Energy Systems, Inc Senior Vice President Wallingford, CT

  I have worked with Rich in various environments with a previous employer. I was always impressed with his work and benefited from the sessions with him. I asked him to put together a program for a national meeting with a very specific theme and objective. Rich was able to bring his unique approach to team building in line with our company vision and in meeting our objectives and meeting goals. I would recommend Rich and L.E.A.D to any organization willing to invest in their people with a hands-on and innovative, motivating resource. Geodis Wilson C.O.O. Iselin, NJ

  My staff thought your program exercises were great. Even a few of the biggest critics in our office of these types of events said you were right on target. We are a tough group, and you rose to the occasion! My staff really enjoyed it, and it has improved the dynamics of the team and added a fresh prospective to project challenges – and we learned and had fun doing it. Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Response Program Manager, Education and Training New Haven, CT

  The WTNH sales department had a great event coordinated by Rich Kuepper. At first, all were skeptical. Rich broke us out of that right away. By the end of our session, everyone was pumped-up, excited, motivated, and more respectful of one another. Rich targeted every element of the event exactly to fit our specific needs, situations and industry. I look forward to another teambuilding event with L.E.A.D. very soon. WTNH-TV Sales Manager New Haven, CT

  Rich Kuepper delivered a dynamic, engaging talk to the Fairfield Network of Executive Women (FNEW) in October 2011. He asked if we are living our lives to the fullest and if we are agile-adaptable to the ongoing changes in our environments. I met Rich at Yale University where he delivered an outstanding presentation to senior management in 2007. To our surprise, the business meeting was transformed and we became teams that worked together to build bikes under challenging parameters. In the process, we learned a great deal about how we and our coworkers react under stress and time limits. Rich demonstrated his own adaptability and excellence by presenting these entirely different active, hands-on presentations that gave powerful take-aways on team building, communication and positive thinking leading to successful outcomes. I highly recommend his services to build collaboration and success in stressed environments and to keep high functioning businesses running smoothly with top results. I look forward to working with Rich again. Fairfield Network of Executive Women FNEW Program Chair Fairfield, CT

  As important as it is to be successful in what you want to do it’s equally important to be supportive of your teammates. The activities we did integrated the feelings of both personal achievement and team achievement. It enhanced you as an individual and as a member of a team. What I learned here today I will use in both my personal and professional life. Staten Island Medical Group M.D. Staten Island, NY

  Other L.E.A.D. Clients Agilent Technologies Inc. – Santa Clara, CA AMISTAD America, Inc. – New Haven, CT Association of Hole in the Wall Camps – New Haven, CT Bayer Diagnostics, Inc. – Tarrytown, NY BD – Franklin Lakes, NJ Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals – Danbury, CT BIC Corporation – Milford, CT Center for Family Business – West Haven, CT Church & Dwight – Princeton, NJ Citizens Bank – Smithfield, RI Comcast Cable Communications Inc. – New Haven, CT Connecticut Birth to Three System – Hartford, CT Covenant House – Toronto DMR – State of Connecticut – Hartford, CT Fidelity Investments – Boston, MA HEAD/Penn Racket Sports – Phoenix, AZ Hospital of Saint Raphael – New Haven, CT Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company – Shelton, CT Junior League of Greenwich – Greenwich, CT Konica Business Technologies, Inc. – Windsor, CT Lexmark Canada, Inc. – Richmond Hill, Ontario New York Public Library – NYC, New York Notre Dame High School – West Haven, CT Pfizer Inc. – Groton, CT Philips Medical Systems, Inc. – Andover, MA Pound Ridge Elementary School – Pound Ridge, NY Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. – Indianapolis, IN R.C. Bigelow, Inc. – Fairfield, CT Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. – Tarrytown, NY Reuters America, Inc. – White Plains, NY TRI-CITY Appliance – Milford, CT