How to Wow – Customer Service

“Doing a great job and not meeting the customer’s objectives is as useless as doing a poor job within a customer’s objectives.” – Thomas Faranda –

Customer Service

Why is customer service more important today then ever before? Today, customers expect even greater VALUE and will quickly turn their backs to any business that does not deliver it. Never before has so much information been at the finger tips of your customers, they are educated, savvy and expect the best. There are, two often quoted statistics that are the foundation for any Customer Service initiative.

It costs five times more to get a customer than to keep a customer. Fortune magazine

Companies that reduce customer defections by 5% can boost profits by as much as 85%. Harvard Business Review

Simple economics demands that you deliver an exceptional customer experience if you want to remain competitive in a local, let alone global economy. Your team needs to have the skills required to deliver on your brand promise. In our, How to Wow – Customer Service Program participants will learn:

  • Why Customers Turn Their Backs to a Business
  • The 4 Keys to Consistently Create a WOW Customer Experience
  • The Importance of Complaints
  • How to Retain Control of Any Customer Interaction
  • The Language of WOW

There is one monumental thing to take into account when thinking about the customer experience – social media. Today, everyone is connected and mobile. News travels instantly between millions of people. Imagine what that could mean for a bad customer experience with your organization?